The Carvings in the Burnt tape

by Healer Oran

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== The Carving in the Burnt tape ==

A performance from an exhibition, "If we burn there is Ash" by Johannesburg based artist Talya Lubinsky.

Ahead of this performance I received archived recordings from the University of the Witswatersrand's Anthropology department labelled:

"Tsonga Music - N. Transvaal
Dec 6th and 7th 1968
coll. by Tom Johnston
Tape 1, sides 1 and 2
Items 1 to 27"

My part of the exhibition looked to challenge the ideas surrounding the concept and methodologies used in western anthropology, and ethnomusicology.

The tapes open with a Colonial British voice introducing the various items before moving to field recordings of Tsonga people playing music. Though I'm South Africa, there was a strange disconnect I felt to the recordings. The disconnect stemmed primarily from the abuse of these performances, being made for dissection rather than for actual appreciation.

The recording seemed to dehumanize the performers, taking away names and leaving only elements deemed important by western researchers.

My performance was an attempt to remove the flawed methodologies, which forced me to augment the sounds of the recording, looping and cutting. Rather than embracing the concepts of 'knowing', as most western academia does, I have taken to the idea of accepting my lack of knowledge. "Knowing" is how the flawed methodologies used to study these people left me with this confusion, but being an 'empty vessel' is the first step to undoing the damage.


released November 14, 2016

Recorded at exhibition "If we burn there is Ash" at the University of the Witswatersrand on 7 September 2016.

Healer Oran - Samples, production, noise, and electronic xitende



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Healer Oran Johannesburg, South Africa

Healer Oran is the bastard child of a series of sonic experimentations house. Blasting feedback crescendos, ambient reversals and sharp-sub attacks from a cheap line with attractively heinous musings.

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